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How to register:

​Please click the Registration button below and follow the steps.

Volunteer Commitment:

Our volunteers are incredibly important to the operation of our society.  The commitment that volunteers make to our society is what allows us to keep the cost of registration low.  

Every family is required to sign up for four volunteer spots:

  1. One tech/dress/staging rehearsal.

  2. One show.

  3. Two hours of miscellaneous volunteer duties. Ex: movie night, clothing sales, etc.

  4. If you sign up for Casino you are not required to sign up for any specific volunteer duties, however we may call you if, after other families have fulfilled all of their duties, we do not have any other available volunteers.


How to Pay:

  1. All payment are processed through autopay VIA our online registration portal Studio Director. If you are unable to utilize monthly auto payments, you must make alternative arrangements with our Registration Director.

  2. Families will be invoiced and emailed via the Studio Director Program to the email we have in the system.

  3. Note that in the event that a cheque or auto payment is returned, there will be a $35 service charge fee applied.


  1. All families will be assessed a costume fee (1 class $25, 2-4 classes $50, 5+ classes $75)

  2. All families will be assessed a $25 cleaning fee. 


Please note:

All new families:  Please email us at to register or

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