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Picture Day Is Coming!!!

Groups who will be performing in our final performance will be having their pictures taken on April 7th, 2019 at the studio. Students are expected to have clean tights with no holes, their dance shoes, and are to arrive with hair and makeup done. Dancers should arrive at least 20 minutes before their scheduled photo time to allow for time to change into their costume. Please keep in mind that dancers are not permitted to eat or drink anything while in costume.

As well, please note that we do not permit anyone to be taking photos while in the studio during picture day. (This includes dancers taking photos on their cellphones.) This is to protect the privacy of other dancers who may be getting ready for their photos.

Parents/dancers: please have your order sheets and your method of payment ready for the photographer before your scheduled photo shoot. This process helps to speed up each photography session.

Miss Jennifer will be taking orders for tights and shoes for those who may wish to order.  Miss Jennifer will purchase and bring orders up for picture day.  Please make sure all orders are completed with payment before Wednesday April 3rd and dropped off with Miss Jennifer. Orders are cash only: please bring exact change and a completed forms. Please check your emails for order forms. Alternatively, you can also find forms on our website under "Documents and Forms."

Please check your emails next week for hair and makeup and tights requirements for each dance class. 

The schedule for picture day is as follows:

09:00-09:20 Broadway 1 and 2

09:20-09:40 CM 4/5

09:40-09:55 Beg Ballet

09:55-10:15 CM 5

10:15-10:25 Jazz‎ Choreo 3

10:‎25-10:30 Tap 3

10:30-10:45 Beg Jazz 1

10:45-10:50 Sr Ballet Choreo

10:50-11:05‎ JR 3/4 Ballet

11:05-11:20 JR 1/2 Ballet

11:20-11:30 Modern

11:30-11:40 ‎ Beg Tap

11:40-11:50 Tap 4

11:50-12:00 lunch

12:00-12:20 Jazz Choreo 2/3

12:20-12:30 Acro 2/3

12:30-12:40 Solos A, R, M, B

12:40-01:00 Beg Jazz 2

01:00-01:20 Ballet Progressions

01:20-01:30 Adult Ballet

01:30-01:45 Lyrical 1

01:45-02:00 Lyrical 2

02:00-02:15 Jr 4/5 Ballet

02:15-02:30 Adult Tap

02:30-02:40 Friends and Family

02:40-02:50 Remaining Solos, B, Z, K, K&S

02:50-03:00 Tap 5

03:00-03:10 Adult Jazz

03:10-03:25 Hip Hop 1

03:25-03:40 Hip Hop 2

03:40-03:55 Adult Hip Hop

03:55-04:10 Jr 5 Ballet

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