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And a new year is upon us!

Happy August!

We have finally solidified our fall schedule (subject to changes based on registration), and we wanted to give you a basic idea of recommended classes based on student registration from 2018-2019. This is the easiest way to give you an idea about what to register for when we are ready to open the online registration.  Any questions can be asked directly to the teachers at our fall AGM. Changes can be made based on teacher approval. If you are a new student, please contact our teachers for more information and for placement.

  • CM 4/5 should register for CM 5 if 5 years, or Beg Ballet if 6

  • CM 5 should register for Beginner Ballet or Beginner Tap if 6

  • Beg Ballet should register for Jr 1 Ballet (6 & 7)

  • Jr 1/2 Ballet should register for Junior 2 Ballet (7 & 8)

  • Jr 3/4 Ballet should register for Jr 5 Ballet

  • Beg Tap, Tap 3, Tap 4 should register for Tap 4.5

  • Tap 5 should register for Tap 5.5

  • Broadway 1 & 2 should register for Musical Theatre

  • HH1 should register for HH2

  • HH2 should register for HH3

  • Jazz Beginner 1 should register for Jazz Beginner 2

  • Jazz Beginner 2 should register for Jazz tech 1 and Jazz choreo 1/2

  • Jazz Tech 2, Jazz Tech 3, Jazz Choreo 2/3, Lyrical 1, Lyrical 2, Modern should all register for the same classes

  • Cecc 5 should register for Cecc 6

  • Ballet Progressions should register for Ballet 8, or Teen Ballet or Cecc 3 based on teacher recommendations

  • All Adult classes remain as is but a new Beginner Tap for Adults and Teens has been added

New classes offered Boys Hip Hop Hip Hop 1 new students check ages Musical Theatre

The schedule is subject to change but we will do our very best to minimize and changes to scheduling. We look forward to the new season so please don't forget about the AGM held August 28th at WHPS at 7pm. New Board members needed!

Please bring your Volunteer cheques or sign a credit card form for volunteer charges if not completed.

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